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(Parish Code: NY113)

With Faith Direct, you can make regular automatic contributions to St. Edward’s using your credit/debit card or bank account, the same process that you may use to pay utility bills or make car payments. Making your donations automatically means relief from the hassle of locating your offertory envelopes as you run out the door on Sunday morning and guarantees that the church will receive your gifts even if you are unable to attend Mass. There is no fee to you, the parishioner, associated with use of the Faith Direct program. Automatic contributions greatly benefit St. Edward’s by providing a predictable cash flow as well as decreasing the time and money the church expends dealing with the envelope system. Faith Direct will provide you with personalized offertory cards that you may place in the basket, and a year-end tax statement. We find Faith Direct a “win-win” for both parishioners and our parish. Please email the Parish Office at if you wish to discontinue envelopes.


Please enroll in this program by clicking here. Our parish code is NY113.

Donating Securities to St. Edwards (Or A Charity of Your Choice) Can Be A Win-Win

For most people, charitable contributions are mostly about what matters most to them, a way to help
those in need. However, charitable contributions are potentially an excellent way for some people to
reduce their tax burden. If you’re interested in maximizing the benefit to both yourself and St. Edwards
or any other organization you’re contributing to, donating appreciated securities can be a win-win.
Donating appreciated securities can allow you to avoid paying capital gains taxes on your returns, plus
making for a larger contribution for St. Edwards or another nonprofit of your choice resulting in a
potential larger deduction for you. Donating appreciated securities might not be your first impulse, but
there are a number of reasons why you should seriously consider it.

Donating Appreciated Securities to Charity

Donating securities to St. Edwards or another charity offers a win-win for both you and the organization
you’re donating to. A donation of securities allows you to deduct the full market value of the security
from your taxable income. You’re taking a capital gain that you would otherwise owe taxes on and
converting it into a deduction that will save you taxes on your income. Potentially you are avoiding taxes
in two places. St. Edwards (or another charity) gets a larger donation than it would have received had
you sold the security and paid capital gains tax prior to making your donation.

There also is an opportunity to use donations to St. Edwards (or another organization) to rebalance your
portfolio. If you have plans for making charitable contributions this year while you’re also concerned
that a specific holding is taking up too large a portion of your investments, you could accomplish two
things at once by using that security you otherwise would be selling to make your donation.

Strengthen Your Giving by Donating Securities

Donating securities might feel a little unorthodox for a lot of people, but it can have significant benefits
for your taxes, especially if you have a high annual income. You can reduce your taxable income, avoid
owing taxes on a capital gain and support St Edwards all in one fell swoop.

With the idea fresh in your mind, now is a good time to consult your tax advisor or tax attorney to begin
plotting a strategy to donate securities to St. Edwards or another favorite charitable organization.

Click here to see an example of making charitable donations of securities instead of cash.

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