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As we travel our Lenten Journey

Ash Wednesday will be here soon; beginning our Lenten journey. It is a time when each of us can take a long hard look at ourselves, figure out our shortcomings and do whatever it takes to clear the junk from our trunks and become a better person. It can also be a time to serve others, those who have little and those who have none, reaching out to them with an open heart and a smile on our face.

On behalf of St. Edward the Confessor, we offer to you, our parish family this Lenten meditation. Each of us is called to hear God’s Word and experience God’s presence in our lives. May this great season of renewal be one of those special moments for all. So my dear friends, get comfortable, relax and let these words find a home deep in your hearts:

Lord, I’m longing for the spring to come with its promise of light and new life… The first day of spring is

weeks away but, as we approach Ash Wednesday, with purple, prayer and ashes, a springtime of grace will

dawn and invite me to new life in You…

Lent is spring training for my mind, my heart, and my soul: time to strengthen what’s now weak, time to tone up what’s gone soft, time to remember what I’ve forgotten, time to let go of what I don’t need, and time to find what I need the most…

Lent’s a new beginning: a time for taking stock, a time to look within, a time to be honest about my failings, a time to make up for my sins, a time to ask for your pardon, and a time to set things right with you and anyone I may have hurt…

Lent’s a season of your grace: a time to speak to you in prayer, a time to listen for your voice, a time to study your good Word, a time to seek your truth and wisdom, a time to live as you command…

Lent’s a time of mercy: a time for me to give more freely of all I have to give, a time to give more generously of the bounty that is mine, a time for me to tend to my neighbor’s needs, a time to reach out to the poor, and a time to empty out myself…

Lent is the season of soul-searching, repentance and renewal. It is the springtime of our lives.

Let us pray:

God of goodness and mercy;

Hear my prayer as I begin this Lenten journey with you. Let me be honest with myself

As I look into my heart and soul, noticing the times I turn away from you. Guide me

As I humbly seek to repent and return to your love.

May humility guide my efforts to be reconciled with you and live forever in your abundant grace.

Transform me this Lent, heavenly Father. Give me the strength to commit myself to grow closer to you each day. Amen.

-Deacon Rit