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The Quest, 1989


Jesus is standing in the doorway knocking at the door. He is always there and will never leave. He is patiently waiting for us to open the door. Will we open the door? Will be welcome Him into our lives, our homes, and our hearts?

  • This panel has the most complicated use of geometric angles of all the panels. It has been said that they are actually impossible to accomplish.

  • Notice there is no doorknob. The door must be opened for Jesus. Is Jesus holding a heart, crown, or a door knocker? Ed would say, you decide!

  • The dove at the top represents the Holy Spirit delivering an olive branch, representing hope.

  • The bright light that radiates from beneath Jesus reflects a faint cross in the lower left.

  • Ed's artistic signature is 6-22-34

    • 6= 6th book of the Bible (Joshua)​

    • 22= chapter 22

    • 33= verse 34, "The Children of Reuben and Gad called the altar 'Ed' for it shall be a witness between us that the Lord is God."

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