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Altar Server Information


  • Altar servers are expected to wear albs (robes). They are kept on hangers across the hall from the rest rooms in the back of the church.

  • Altar servers are expected to dress in a neat and clean manner.

  • Altar servers are asked to refrain from wearing flip flops for safety reasons. Closed toe shoes are preferred.

Serving at Mass:

  • Please plan to arrive at church 15 minutes before the start of mass.

    • Please check off your name on the schedule at the podium in the Gathering Area. This will signal to other servers that you are present.

    • Before Mass begins, please make sure the prayer book is on the seat where you will sit.

    • Please take a song sheet and prayer sheet to your seat prior to the start of mass.

    • During mass you are expected to stay awake and alert and keep your eyes on the Deacon and/or Priest at all times. They will signal to you when they would like you to bring the sacramentary to the altar.

    • Please sit up straight in your seat during mass.

    • Please participate in mass by singing and saying the prayers/responses. You are an example for younger children.

    • When you hear Fr. Pat say “Let Us Pray”, you should be on your way to him with the sacramentary. When he closes it, stay standing in front of him until he finishes praying. When he stops speaking you may go back to your seat.

Unable to Serve:

  • If you are scheduled to serve at mass but are unable to due to sudden illness, please either contact Melissa Grattan or the others you are scheduled to serve with to let them know you are ill (if there is enough time before mass, if not, it is okay).

  • If you find out in advance you have a conflict with your scheduled serving time, please try to find a replacement server or notify Melissa Grattan and she will assist you in finding a replacement.


  • Altar server schedules are developed either monthly or bi-monthly, depending upon the time of the year. Melissa Grattan will send out an email asking for any special requests for the scheduling period. You may forward to her those dates you are unavailable to serve and/or those dates you would like to serve.

• Schedules are emailed to all altar servers the last week of the month for the following month(s) and are also provided in hard copy on the podium in the Gathering Area and in the paper slots across from where the albs are hung.



  • PROCESSION – When the music begins, wait a few seconds before beginning to process down the center aisle. Process SLOWLY, at the base of the altar, move to the right. When the priest is at the foot of the altar watch out of the corner of your eye for reverencing the altar by a slight bow or nod of the head. Then, proceed to your chair and remain standing.

  • OPENING PRAYER – When the Lord have Mercy (rite) and the Gloria are complete and the priest says “Let Us Pray”, bring the Sacramentary (red book) to the priest. Hold it with both hands extended by the bottom of the Sacramentary. When the priest concludes the prayer and stops speaking, return with the Sacramentary to your seat.

  • SET THE TABLE – Right after the Prayer of the Faithful (We pray to the Lord), bring the Sacramentary to the deacon or priest who will put it on the altar. Then proceed to the Credence Table. Bring up the chalice and purificator, the cruet of water, and the ciborium to be consecrated.

  • LEAD THE PROCESSION – Once you have set the altar, proceed down the center aisle to the front of the baptismal font. Turn and face the priest and wait for his nod. When he signals, lead the gift procession down the center aisle and move to the right at the base of the altar allowing the gift bearers to proceed up the altar stairs. When the gift bearers have come down the stairs from the altar, proceed to your chair and sit down.

  • CLEAR THE ALTAR – As soon as communion begins with the community, use the ramp behind the altar to clear the Sacramentary off the altar and the Flagon off the table on the other side of the altar. Bring it, as well as anything else left on the altar to the cart around the corner, right rear of the altar. Anything on the Credence Table should also be brought to the cart. When finished, return to your seat.

  • CLOSING PRAYER – After communion and when all has been cleared, the priest will stand. When he says “Let Us Pray” bring the Sacramentary to the priest. Hold it with both hands extended by the bottom of the Sacramentary. When the priest closes the book, return with it to your seat.

  • PROCESSION – To process out, when the priest and deacon move to the foot of the altar, you walk over to the right of the center and wait for the priest to bow. Bow with the priest and lead them out down the center aisle.

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