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February Faith Formation Food Drive


The parish is invited to support our faith formation service project in collecting food for our local food pantries. Each grade level has been assigned a specific item to collect, but all donations are welcome. During the winter months food needs increase and donations decrease. We are asking all items be dropped off in the atrium, the gathering area adjacent to the bell tower entrance, the parish office or in the faith formation wing in the designated spots by Wednesday, February 23.


1stGRADE: Hot Chocolate

2ndGRADE: Hearty Meals in a Can Stews, Corned Beef Hash, Chili(NO SpaghettiOs Please)

3rdGRADE: Tuna (Preferably Albacore)

4thGRADE: Crackers

5thGRADE: Coffee or Tea

6thGRADE: Salad Dressing

7th/8thGRADE: Chick Peas, Baked Beans

9thGRADE: Chunky Soups

Confirmation: Canned Tomato Sauce, or Canned Tomato Products


Additional requested items are: Hot and cold cereals, canned vegetables, canned fruits, jello, pudding, instant potatoes, granola bars, cookies, baby wipes, hand soap, bar soap, shampoo, paper towels,laundry detergent, personal care items,mouthwash, men’s deodorant, body wash, 30 gallon trash bagsIf you would like to purchase gift cards to the local mar-kets, we will gladly accept them and shop for the needed items.



Contact Mary Ann or 5183717372 ext. 224. You can drop off items in the Faith Formation Lobby vestibule at any time or in the atrium as you arrive for daily or weekend Masses. Thank you for your generosity!

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